Wandering in the vortex

Relaxation of the artificial fear

The invisible Photographer X at one of the largest casinos in the world

Argonautica inspired story made inside New York City's urbanscape

Melting pot of cultures and landscapes in the North of Russia

Have you ever desired anyone, with mathematical precision.

Urban-human story from Leipzig

“Stockholm. You are my companion through thick and thin."

North Korea, nothing but manipulation and a blur

"I reveal the inside of building an image."

"Circus is a magical, mysterious and strange world where light and darkness alternate to give life to the great show."

Patrick Lambertz spent the last 4 years searching for other side of Switzerland, mostly overlooked and glossed over by stereotypes.

"I unfold the powers hidden in the world."

In a conceptual body of work Louisa Boeszoermeny approaches the topic of "inner security" both on a personal and on a sociopolitical level.