About dienacht

dienacht is a three-headed night creature

dienacht Publishing is an independent photobook publisher whose aim is to showcase carefully selected photographers through a limited circulation of beautifully produced books.

dienacht Magazine is a printed Magazine for Photography, Design and Subculture which likes to see and publish strong, timeless photography.

dienacht °Lab is an educational platform offering Photobook Workshops, ­Mentoring sessions and Curating of photography and photobook projects.

dienacht Magazine and dienacht Publishing have received several awards for its publications: Best German Photobook Awards, Best Books of the Year, Shortlist at the Paris Photo – Aperture Award, and a range of LeadAwards.

People behind dienacht

Calin Kruse studied Graphic Design. He is the founder and maker of dienacht Magazine and dienacht Publishing, co-director of the Leipzig Photobook Festival, and is a photographer himself. Calin is also a curator, holds guest talks, lectures, makes photobook workshops and masterclasses around the world (Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, ­Copenhagen, Istanbul, Moscow, Lagos, Georgetown, Mexico City, Rangoon, etc.), and reviews portfolios for photography and photobook festivals.

Yana Kruse studied Linguistics and Literature and has five-year experience as institutional photo­graphy curator in Moscow. During this time, she curated and co-curated over fifteen exhibitions and edited several photobooks. She has been dienacht editor and curator since 2018.