About dienacht

dienacht is a three-headed night creature

dienacht Magazine is a printed Magazine for Photography, Design and Subculture which likes to see and publish strong, timeless photography.

dienacht Publishing is an independent photobook publisher whose aim is to showcase carefully selected photographers through a limited circulation of beautifully produced books.

dienacht °Lab is an educational platform offering Photobook Workshops, ­Mentoring sessions and Curating of photography and photobook projects.

dienacht Magazine and dienacht Publishing have received several awards for its publications: Best German Photobook Awards, Best Books of the Year, Shortlist at the Paris Photo – Aperture Award, and a range of LeadAwards.

People behind dienacht

Calin Kruse studied Graphic Design. He is the founder and maker of dienacht Magazine and dienacht Publishing, and is a photographer himself. Calin is also a curator, holds guest talks, lectures, makes photobook workshops and masterclasses around the world (Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, ­Copenhagen, Istanbul, Moscow, Lagos, Georgetown, Mexico City, Rangoon, etc.), and reviews portfolios for photography and photobook festivals.

Yana Kruse studied Linguistics and Literature and has five-year experience as photo­graphy curator at Lumière Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow. During this time, she curated over 15 exhibitions and edited several photobooks. She has been dienacht editor and curator since 2018.