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dienacht °Lab is an educational platform offering Photobook Workshops, Mentoring sessions and Curating of photobook and photography projects.

Next LIVE Photobook Workshop is in Brussels! 25—27 September.
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Photobook Workshop at Switch Lab (Bucharest), September 2020
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For any photographer, the recording of images is the first part of their journey with a story. The process that begins after the camera has been put down is often more challenging. The photographer is required to reflect, to speak and even to write so that their work can have a full life.
In our Photobook Workshops, it is this life and afterlife that we will be concerned with: it is about the creation of photobooks on the one hand, as well as about rethinking the project in the context of a photobook as a specific medium, on the other hand. We work closely with the participants on the production of a dummy from their own photo projects, focusing on the analysis of the project, editing, sequencing, design and the importance and choice of materials in the production of photobooks. Photobook Workshops culminate with each participant creating a physical photobook dummy.
Workshop duration may vary from 3 to 7 consecutive days or span over a longer period of several months with a number of sessions with intermissions. 
Special long-term photobook making programme are developed for Art and Photo Schools.

Workshops are lead by Calin Kruse and Yana Kruse in English and/or German.
Get in touch to learn more: speak2me@dienacht-magazine.com

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LIVE Photobook Making Workshop at L'Enfant Sauvage BXL in Brussels, 25 — 27 September!

Photobook making Workshop that ended up in the bedroom.

Our most emergency Photobook Workshop ever

dienacht Photobook Workshop map spans across Europe, Asia, Africa and North America: Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, France, Slovenia, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Mexico.

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Latest lab events
Photobook Exhibitions November 25, 2021—April 3, 2022

Photobooks. Art Page by Page

Grassi Museum for Applied Arts, Leipzig, Germany

L'Enfant Sauvage, Brussels, Belgium


Alongside workshops and masterclasses, we help photographers develop their photography project through short mentoring sessions in person or via Skype. These can be single or multiple meetings according to individual needs.

What the mentoring session can be about: 
you need a feedback to a specific project 
you‘re stuck while working on the project, and need a view from the outside to find out what direction to follow 
you‘re looking for the most suitable way to finish your project – an exhibition, installation, photobook, projection etc. 
you‘re working on a dummy and need feedback about your editing, sequencing and materials 
you want to self-publish a book and have questions about how to produce it (printers, bookbinders, materials, techniques etc.)

Pricing (each session includes the analysis of the project/s received beforehand, and a skype conversation about them afterwards)
30 minutes (for one project): 40 €
One hour (for one or two projects): 70 €
For multiple sessions or individual inquiries, please don't hesitate to get in touch.
Contact Calin Kruse: speak2me@dienacht-magazine.com


Making and collecting photobooks as well as teaching about the medium brings the understanding of content, language and context within which photobooks can be conceived. We’ve curated several photobook exhibitions around the world and are currently working on a major exhibition and an event programme dedicated to photobooks for Grassi Museum of Applied Arts in Leipzig, Germany. 


What started as an idea for a magazine for photography (dienacht Magazine), developed into curating not only the contributions for the printed magazine, but also online portfolios and photography and multimedia exhibitions. Considering Calin’s extensive and freestyle experience as the maker of photobooks and everything that stands behind dienacht Magazine and Publishing, and Yana’s knowledge in curating photography in the institutional context, we see and work with the medium of photography from a variety of perspectives in order to create an experience. 

dienacht Photobook making Workshop at a castle

In September 2015, I was honoured to run a photobook workshop at the Goethe Institute in Lagos, Nigeria. Here are the dummies, pictures and a slideshow.

Photobook Exhibition in Yangon / Myanmar

Photobook Exhibition in Yangon / Myanmar

dienacht Exhibition: Peter Franck in Mannheim / Germany

dienacht Exhibition: Group Exhibition in Mönchengladbach / Germany

dienacht Exhibition: Group Exhibition in Mönchengladbach / Germany

dienacht Exhibition: Group Exhibition in Mönchengladbach / Germany

dienacht Exhibition: Group Exhibition in Trier / Germany

dienacht Exhibition: Group Exhibition in Trier / Germany

Awards and Shortlists for Dummies developed at our Workshops

2019: Shortlist PHotoESPAÑA - Best Photography Book of the Year Award: Vientre, Nadia del Pozo
2019: Los Angeles Center of Photography Photobook Competition - Honorable Mention for Vientre, Nadia del Pozo
2019: Shortlist PHotoESPAÑA - Best Photography Book of the Year Award: Siwah, Paola Bragado
2019: German Photobook Awards: 2nd place for das bleibt unter uns, Jana Kießer
2019: Shortlist Kassel Dummy Awards: das bleibt unter uns, Jana Kießer
2019: Shortlist at the Vevey Dummy Award: Do you remember my name?, Mischa Christen
2018: Dummy Award Finalist (Invisible Photographer Asia): The True Cost of Burmese Jade, Minzayar Oo
2018: Paris Photo: Aperture Award Shortlist: Exilios, Edén Bernal
2015: Australian Photobook of the year: 2nd place – Your love is not safe with me, Ailsa Bowyer