Workshop Dummies: Leipzig

Susana Espana: I Want to Stay

A subtle dummy whose palm-size makes the family story even more personal. Colourful threads of the open spine binding rhyme with the pallet of the images and refer to the children's playful mood. Linen hard cover feature a tree from their garden that sadly must be cut down soon.

«John Stuart Mill, a celebrations 19th-Century liberal thinker wrote once: “Human nature is not a machine that is built according to a pattern or a model and ready to do exactly the work that is prescribed for it but a tree that needs to grow and develop on all sides according to the tendencies of it its inner forces, which make it a living thing”.
Although my tree can never be free, if it remains rooted in the Earth, I trust that my children like many other children in separated families, will learn to find their inner resilience between two homes.
Many of the farwells between me and my children for each separation end with the phrase “I want to stay”.
Sometimes I feel that the big fir tree in my garden also whispers the same words to me “I want to stay”, especially when the neighbours remind me that this tree must be cut down since it has grown.»

Dienie Brouwer: The day that life seemed endless

The dummy is all about vulnerability and aesthetics in its material form. It is made out of various papers, including soft handmade Japanese paper, metallic and trasparent papers. It features loose prints, and a small size insert cut out in the heart of the book.

«I wanted to catch the intimate moments when people are caught by a sudden death. I found inspiration for this series in the volcano eruption at Pompeii AD 79. Villagers from the Italian village were overwhelmed by a cloud of volcanic ash and immortalized instantly. Like a photograph: people turned into living statues within seconds, and through the years they became icons from a forgotten time… “The day that life seemed endless” reminds us not only of the tragic disaster in Pompeii, but it is also a mirror, in which the vulnerability of the human race is reflected.»

Oscar Bolaños Carvajal: The Flag is Square

Red velvet square brick is a dedication to Switzerland with its versatile culture and traditions that Oscar seeks to capture and process. Leporello allows to work freely with a lot of panoramic images and eventually built into an endless mountain range of images.

“I arrived in Switzerland in 2010 to study and 12 years later. I'm still here. This is part of my journey to understand the place the people and the culture of where I have to indicated a third of my life. Mountains create culture and Switzerland is full of them."

Jack Davies: It look a bit like

The dummy took an ironic turn and is made to resemble a travel guide with places from A to Z. It features meaningless, ridiculous or odd descriptions of places where the pictures were taken, although nothing in the picture really points to that particular place or relies on the description, referring to the language of travel guides. The layout is freestyle to support the ironic mood. A fold-out sheet features a map of places as it is usually the case with travel guides.

“As the UK detached. Itself from the EU, I decided to visit all member states in order to learn something about what I was no longer connected to. Using the alphabet allowed me to travel a random route, directed by names that predate modern borders. I sift through surface details for hints of place’s individual identity and the extent to which it is sliding towards the homogeneous. I'm looking for the grey area between a place’s uniqueness and its generic globalised design.”

Christoph Corves: Berneray. Hebridean journey, vol.1

This zine is just the first in the series that will show the multifaceted geography of Outer Hebrides. Every island will be featured in a separate zine of the same format but different cover, eventually put together in a slipcase.

“This is a visual geography of Outer Hebrides, a group of islands off the northwest coast of Scotland. The project focuses on the man made landscape of the Outer isles. While visitors often perceive the landscape ‘wild’ or ‘natural’, much of it has been shaped by its inhabitants.”

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Also in workshop

Dummies made at dienacht Publishing workshops in Metz at the festival Photographie mon Amour and in Leipzig.

In October 2022 we held a photozine workshop in Yerevan. It was the first event of the kind in Armenia as far as we know.