Photobook making Workshop with Calin Kruse and Yana Kruse / dienacht Publishing

June 21—24, 2024

For any photographer, the recording of images is the first part of their journey with a story. The process that begins after the camera has been put down is often more challenging. The photo­grapher is required to reflect, to speak and even to write so that their work can have a full life.

In our Photobook Workshop, it is this life and afterlife that we will be concerned with: it is about the creation of photobooks, artist books, zines (depending on each individual project) on the one hand, as well as about rethinking the project in the context of a photobook as a specific medium, on the ­other hand. We work closely with the participants on the production of a dummy from their own photo projects, focusing on the analysis of the project, editing, ­sequencing, design and the importance and choice of materials in the production of photobooks.

Photobook Workshops culminate with each participant creating a physical photobook dummy. Check the dummies made our previous workshops here

Workshops are lead by Calin Kruse and Yana Kruse / dienacht Publishing.

Date 21 – 24 June 2024 (Fri 2 - 6pm, Sat - Mon 10am - 6pm)
Place 8810 Horgen / Zurich, Switzerland (oscar & charley, Bahnhofstrasse 50)
Number of participants max. 6
Workshop fee 650 CHF
Language English and/or German
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Horgen / Zurich, Switzerland

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