Workshop Dummies: Kiel

In the autumn of 2022 we held a series of photobook making workshops and are now happy to share the results. We'll start with the dummies made in great company in Kiel. An artists's book, a doctor's book, a traveller's book… And it wouldn't have been so cosy without Murphy.
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Franziska's extensive work circles around the observation of self in a variety of representations. White is the major and the only colour involved. The idea was to create a special book object that would present the whole variety of images though various approaches. A long narrow booklet is bound directly to the dummy's cover from the inside. Pictures are full spread and bound through the middle, which creates and questions the visions of self. The booklet image on the spine will then "observe" the main block of the book, referring to Franziska's selfie based approach. The main block features a tight sequences, involving a fragile series printed in the form of a smaller booklet and a series on transparent paper, merging selfies into one. The dummy has a flex cloth cover and swiss binding.

7.2 days is average time spent by a patient in the hospital premises in Germany. Victor Kataev, doctor himself, has been photographing for over 10 years in the hospital in Northern Germany, focusing on the state of staying and waiting. The dummy has a clear classical layout. Small series inside and contact sheets with repetitive frames support the focus on the waiting. End paper bears a view from the window, the only view any patient has throughout their stay. Cloth cover in pale green is supposed to have a debased handwritten title.
The dummy was developed by the designer Kaspar Pansegrau and photographer Victor Kataev.

It's a palm size dummy with a cloud of pictures taken during a long stay at the seaside. The project is set in a limited space van. It is packed with 2 children, 2 adults and all sorts of stuff
as tightly as the tiny book is packed with pictures. They're all full bleed merging into each other, some are turned upside down to highlight the limited space and closeness. Flipping the pages gets fun as you try to figure out the orientation and turn the book around all the time. A series of quiet landscapes give some space and fresh air. This naked fragile book without proper cover is wrapped in a sturdy sunset colour slipcase, which lets the book slip in and out through
both sides.

It's about a certain state and feeling of mysterious absence set in the landscape. The dummy has a rough metallic screw binding. The palette is, on the contrary, warm combining brown, orange and blue. Pictures printed on greyish paper alternate with white and brown semi-transparent paper, creating anticipation. Apart from that there are hidden images that are designed to look like shadows inside the paper. It feels like a subtle unsettling thriller.

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