News and Photos from past Photobook Workshops

Dummies, Pictures and an Award.

Awarded: Ailsa Bowyer's Your love is not safe with me

So freaked out to see Ailsa Bowyer's book Your love is not safe with me being "Highly Commended" (which is kind of 2nd place) at the Australian Photobook of the Year Awards! We developed this dummy during the masterclass "The Photobook: Process, Product and Presentation" during the OBSCURA Festival of Photography in George Town, Malaysia (run by me and Alisha Sett).

UN/HEIMLICH – A dummy made by Martina Zaninelli during the Photobook Workshop run by Calin Kruse in Erfurt last year.

The title of the project plays in German with the words “unheimlich” that means eerie/weird and “heimlich” which meaning is “secret”, but at the same time it contains the German word for home “Heim”. The pictures were taken during long walks in Neukölln, the neighbourhood of Berlin where the photographer is living.

Although the locations does not really matter since the project tries to be a topographic-narrative through sensations and impressions provoked by the modern metropolis.

Check her website here.

Self-published: Nothing is real / nothing is unreal by Andreas Thurm

Part 1.

Self-published: Alle Katzen Grau by Christian Reister

Happy to see book dummies becoming real books. Christian Reister took part in my photobook workshop in Berlin in 2015, and he self-published a while ago the project we developed during the workshop. Take a look at "Alle Katzen grau" and get your copy here.

And finally, here are some photos from the Photobook Workshop in Erfurt, Germany (Martina Zaninelli's and Andreas Thurm's book was also made during this workshop).

More on the artists

You cannot delay time, let alone stop it – really?

The OBSCURA Slideshows are a social event that happent each night between the 15–21 of August 2015 and represents an amazing exploration into photography.

The photobook dummies and a few slideshows.

Also in dienacht Events

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Also in workshop

Our most emergency Photobook Workshop ever

In September 2015, I was honoured to run a photobook workshop at the Goethe Institute in Lagos, Nigeria. Here are the dummies, pictures and a slideshow.

Dummies made at dienacht Publishing workshops in Metz at the festival Photographie mon Amour and in Leipzig.