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November 25, 2021—April 3, 2022
Grassi Museum for Applied Arts

It is impossible to imagine a history of photography without the photobook: this contemporary but still undervalued art form has had a significant impact on the way we look at, consume and approach photography. in our times, in which the existence of books seems threatened by the digital, the photo book is experiencing a boom. The interplay between photography, material, binding, form, and format offers endless possibilities for experiments and is perceived and appreciated not only by the photographers themselves, but also by the public as an independent artistic medium.

The exhibition co-curated by Calin Kruse / dienacht Publishing presents a selection of national and international photobooks of the last decades, and it will be accompanied by a range of events.

Opening on November 24, 6pm.

The following positions are shown

Abel, Milou - Ik Ben Jou
Am Projects - Nocturnes
Arcara, Arianna/ Santese, Luca - Found Fotos in Detroit
Ariño, Israel - La gravetat del Iloc
Asselin, Mathieu - Monsanto: A Photografic Investigation
Bernal, Eden - Exiles
Bertok, Goran - Requiem
Borissova, Julia - Let me fall again
Brugner, Simon - The Arsenic Eaters
Catiere, Alexandra- Behind the Glass
Chanel, Alexine - In other People's Bathroom
Cupido, Paul - Mukayu
de Middel, Christina - The Afronauts
Dekens, Peter - Touch
El Nemr, Rana - Eenbes Tells
Eschborn, Claudia - 1520/21
Frei, Andreas - Hab Acht
Glaubitz, Florian - CHOR
Gravlejs, Ivars - Useful Advice for Photographers
Helton, Lucy - Transmission
Hesper, Carina - Like a pearl in my Hand
Hoogland Ivanow, Martina - Speedway
Hui Hsien, Ng - The Weight of Air
Jung Min Cho, Oreo - The Dot
Kimura, Hajime - Snowflakes Dog Man
Koenning, Katrin/ Protick, Sarker - Astres Noirs
Krause, Birgit - Planetes
Kruithof, Anouk - Universal Tongue
Lazuka, Melissa - Fly Away
Lopez, Anais - The Migrant
Marzocchi, Marco - Oyster
Mészáros, Palíndromo - The Line
Milach, Rafal - The First March of Gentlemen
Mouraz, Tito - Open Space Office
Ohashi, Jin - Surrendered Myself to the Chair of Life
Okahara, Kosuke - Vanishing Existence
Prammer, Agnes - Totes Gebirge
Pufleb, Robert & Schlieper, Nadine - Alternative Moons
Singh, Dayanita - Museum Bhavan
Sauvin, Thomas - Until Death Do US Part
Unofficial Pictures - Gefährlicher Gegenstand: Eisenbahnstraße
Unverzart, Olaf - Leichtes Gepäck
Van den Elshout, Bruno - New Horizon
Vutuc, Sergej - No Skateboarding permitted
Xu, Xiaoxiao - Aeronautics in the Backyard

Grassi Museum for Applied Arts
Johannisplatz 5-11, Leipzig, Germany

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