Max Sturgeon: Of A Different Stripe

It is its almost deafening vibrancy that immediately draws one’s attention to Max Sturgeon’s series “Of A Different Stripe”. Life in the region around the Bay of Bengal is loud, saturated and dense, and so is the photography.

About the project
To outsiders, the region around the Bay of Bengal can best be described as overwhelming. Exotic to even the most experienced traveler it is an assault on the senses: the noise, the smells, the vibrant colors, the seemingly never-ending crowds pushing against you. For many it can become too much, but the chaos is also what makes it so special and unique. Life in the streets can be felt and seen like nowhere else — so alive and vibrant.
The title of my project “Of A Different Stripe” refers to the uniqueness and strangeness of this region, at least to outsiders. The photos I’ve captured are not staged or posed, here there is no need. In a land of countless Gods and languages, the streets are theatre, the performances one of a kind. I’ve done my best to capture this chaotic beauty.

About the Photographer
Max Sturgeon is a photographer and filmmaker who splits his time between Austin, Texas and Warsaw, Poland. Working on film and TV projects as an assistant director for half the year enables him the flexibility to spend the rest of his time traveling overseas working on numerous ongoing long term photography projects.


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