Eternal youth, playfulness and sense of adventure.

Maurienne’s mountains are marked with ambiguities, contradictions, oppositions.

Fascinated by the communist past of her homeland Romania, Kincső takes images that are moved by the secrets and repression that were preserved for decades.

A journey in the heart of the world's rift.

Ano Meria is a work about the loss and absence of the one I loved.

"It is in Athens that this series came into being... It is a belligerent urgency of life, of challenging and of self-assertion."

"It was a kind of spatiotemporal movement as if I went back to where my soul had been. There were memories full of love and sadness."

The series draws on the complexities of the coexistence of European and Latin American reality within one particular family.

The beauty of a clear and strong photographic vision without the burden of explanation.

“The darker the night, the brighter the stars.”

A quiet journey through space on Earth.

Attempt to visualise memories and dreams

Vibrancy of the Bay of Bengal region

Italian neorealism set in Naples' most infamous district