Céline Croze: Nothing happened

The ultimate softness of the visual language of ‘Nothing Happened’ by Céline Croze sort of turns the pictures in some other type of matter, making them almost dissolve like sugar in water. The story seems far from being tender, though: nature is raging, teeth tightly clenched. Interestingly, close-ups here do not necessarily make things clearer, quite the opposite — you might even make out less and wonder more. But at the same time you are overwhelmed with sensations. These discrepancies between the story and the visual language, between the softness and the roughness are mesmerising and create a very strong experience and you know for a fact —
— something happened.

About the project
He said
You stayed,
You’ve listened to the crying sand
You’ve touched what lied beneath the earth
You’ve slept like a slut with the moon
You’re not a stranger.
Did you eat death in the earthquake?
I’m sure you did
You are mi nena...
You sweat, you live,
You accepted your vices as the island did. You felt into the rift.

'Nothing happened' is a journey in the heart of the world's rift.
I wanted to tell a story, the one of the earth and mine.
This earth which wanted to tame me, to tell me something.
To handle this wandering and translate the time of the island, I used a cinematographic way. The repetitions help me to perspire the truth, to justify the timelessness.
When I got there, I couldn’t see or hear anything, I was on this ultimate hedge where madness, life and death are confronting themselves.
Then the earthquake occurred, the pictures of the rocks and the explosions of waves materialize the event
I decided to stay and dive deep into the island...Breathe beyond the destruction. Stay. Stay and see.

About the photographer
Celine Croze is a visual artist born in Morocco and based in Paris with a background in cinema. Sensitive to the cracks that our society is going through, Celine uses film codes to transgress the world she’s looking at. She uses eminences and bodies as territories.
Her work always starts by showing a story. To get inside the rift. Fade away and find the time of the world. There's this animal impulse that borders on urgency and cradles danger. To collect the residues of the action, to touch Man, to sketch the faces of injury or violence, to be as close as possible to it and to get only the material out of it.
She draws on her cinema and fictional writing background a view of the hidden world, beyond the limits we live and see. Shadows and light, the inner duality of the human being become a kind of pure human quest.


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