Seppe Vancraywinkel: Within The Bubble of Surroundings

It took us a while since the last Portfolio was published. Freshness and lightness of 'Within The Bubble of Surroundings' by Seppe Vancraywinkel seems to suit the beginning of the year best of all. Seppe's camera feels like sort of an extension of his hand, so weightless and invisible. Not only does time stand still there, as he puts it in his statement, but rather it goes even further back. If it weren't for some signs of the time, I could imagine these photographs being taken in the 80s, or even earlier. Actually, any time. Closeness and intimacy among people set in the nature in monochrome palette is a perfect way to get lost in time.

About the project
‘Within The Bubble of Surroundings’ consists of snapshots in which I capture my friends’ eternal youth, playfulness and sense of adventure. The mundane is fled and we adapt to new landscapes. They are utopian images in which time seems to stand still and where there is only attention for each other and our surroundings.
In our day-to-day life we are forced into an urban context, in which we each individually are navigating life, with additional responsibilities, uncertainties and perils of love. This creates a strong desire to escape the bustle of the city, where everything is changeable and manipulated, and to seek salvage in the simplicity and intimacy of our friendship.

About the photographer
Seppe Vancraywinkel (1998) grew up on the countryside in Hoegaarden, Belgium. He has always been surrounded by his close friends and they were always on the go, they still are. Since 2016 Vancraywinkel felt the need to capture these moments analog in black- and-white. Black and white is an important aspect in his work. It’s Seppes way of creating a filter that shields his dreamlike world from reality. He feels like colours are too close to reality, they can cause unnecessary distractions. Seppe Vancraywinkels work revolves around stories, shapes and scales.

Instagram: seppevancraywinkel

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