Ingeborg Everaerd: BÚSQUEDA

A journey through Colombia, a birthplace that you do not know, might catch you off-guard. Can a bond with the place arise as soon as you step on your home land? Ingeborg Everaerd accompanied her son in his search for roots, with a sympathetic and caring look. There're a few hints to the fact that this journey is, in fact, also or more so about the bond between the two, where she almost instinctively steps into the frame, with a tender maternal touch on her son's face and a hug.

About the project
Since my son left our house at the age of 21 to live in an assisted home, the distance between us has increased. Literally and figuratively. That's why I wanted to take my son back to the country where he was born. A search ~ búsqueda ~ for his roots, with a little hope that it would awaken something in him.
But the chance that you build a bond with a place that you have left around your first birthday is small. And it doesn't get bigger if your body and mind have suffered considerable scars because you were born 14 weeks early. It wasn’t an easy trip. Often my son was very quiet and introvert. I couldn’t figure out wat he was feeling or thinking. It made me sad to see him like this. Later he would say to me :” Mom, I was a little overwhelmed”. I will let you travel. You will see the love that I cherish for my son. It is a journey through Colombia, it is a journey through the emotional world of a complicated, but loving mother-son relationship. Life as it is. A continuous search.

About the photographer
Ingeborg is a visual storyteller, based in Amsterdam (NL) who is drawn to the purity, vulnerability and authenticity of people all over the world. She likes to photograph people who might not appear to stand out in daily life but who carry an emotional or special story with them, often not knowing where they belong.
As Ingeborg is genuinely interested and sympathies with her subjects, they feel that they can trust her and allow her into their personal lives. The connection with her subjects and being invited to be a small part in their lives is what makes Ingeborg’s photographs unique and special. The surroundings where these people live play an essential role in her images. With this work, Ingeborg aims to capture the interest and curiosity of the viewer.
After Ingeborg successfully graduated from the Photo Academy (Amsterdam) in 2019, her work has been exhibited and published in the Netherlands and abroad. She has received several national and international awards.


Take a look at the dummy of this project made at our Photobook Workshop in Nantes

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