Charlotte Lybeer: Linus Blanket

After Linus van Pelt, character in a comic strip “Peanuts”, Chartolle Lybeer’s project “Linus Blanket” visualises the sense of insecurity. Linus is emotionally dependent on the security blanket he posses, carries it everywhere and is not at all embarrassed by it. Being primarily a security tool, the blanket can also be disguised in a variety of things, such as a scarf, whip, hammock, parachute… It gives Linus an unconditional feeling of security. Just like governments try hard to make people believe surveillance cameras, military trainings, simulation drills, parades etc are all but tools promoting true security. However reshaped or disguised, the blanket stays an imaginary security prop, under which we might all fall asleep very deep.

About the project
"Linus ’Blanket" is the result of a 2-year research project at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Photographer Charlotte Lybeer focuses on members of groups who want to eliminate danger through "prevention", and on the influence of the culture of fear on the world of entertainment. In addition, she sought examples where the ecology of fear slowly creeps into daily life. She takes photos of the most secure chip shop, combat simulation sports and a 'how to fall safely' course ... Lybeer shows the facades that enable us to flee in periodically and controlled. The need to erect protective barriers and thus create a safe cocoon. The relaxation of the artificial fear and the threat of danger meet.

Safety is a concept that embraces a number of measurable parameters, but is otherwise determined emotionally. It is a human goal to at least minimize objective insecurity as much as possible through social choices, policy actions, regulations, employment conditions and personal decisions. On the other hand, escaping from it is also a strategy in which a place (a concrete place or mental space) is sought that is apparently free from insecurity, and that is also protected against the intrusion of risk factors of any kind. This type of escapism is a central theme in Charlotte Lybeer’s photographic work.

About the photographer
Charlotte Lybeer studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts Ghent and the Higher Institute for Fine Arts (HISK) in Antwerp. Her photography projects were widely exhibited, published in leading journals and magazines and documented extensively through her website Lybeer received her PhD, entitled Lifestyle Supermarket, in 2016 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the University of Antwerp. Currently she’s teaching photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.


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