Bénédicte Blondeau: Ce qu’il reste

A quiet journey through the elements of earth: mountains, sees, plains, caves, fossils, as well as human-dwelled or touched spaces, but still seeming as quiet and detached as those belonging to nature. They all form an ensemble of scenes, following their own chilled pace of life, set according to certain inner schedule, always timely, always precise. And we are placed here to see it unfold.

About the project
Ce qu’il reste is an invitation to travel - in space, but also in time. A journey through images created with a camera. Photography itself is often considered as the medium of the ephemeral. It shows us a moment that undeniably belongs to the past, reveals our passages in a constantly changing reality, like a scar recalling our memories: a metaphor of the fragility of human existence. But it is that same medium which eventually leads the spectator to a change of perspective, showing what remains when the same spaces are left by those who once inhabited them, with their individual stories and collective memories. Far from the turmoil of men, in the silent depths of the earth, an imperturbable and majestic movement continues its slow trajectory undertaken hundreds of millions of years ago. And maybe for eternity.

About the photographer
Bénédicte Blondeau (born in La Louvière, Belgium), lives and works in Berlin. She studied Photography at Ar.co, Lisbon (2018) and Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent (2015). She graduated as a Master in Applied Communication specialized in Media Education at IHECS, Brussels (2010). She worked during 5 years as a media coach, multimedia and documentary movies director for several organizations active in the field of media literacy, arts and culture in Belgium. She then moved to Portugal where she deepened her artistic practice in photography. She participated in various exhibitions and talks internationally and her work has been published in different magazines including GUP and Phases Magazine. In September 2019, her first photo book entitled "Ce qu'il reste" was released by the Lisbon-based publisher XYZ books. 


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