Federico Arcangeli: Splinters

Hundreds of submission received for publication in 2021 brought us to some thoughts. Photography is a visual means and that is what we cherish most about it. When we get a submission, first thing is we go through the photographs, then (if it clicked on the visual level) we read the description of the project and at last arrive at what the author has to say about himself/ herself (not important, actually, for the decision to publish). That is to say, we at dienacht are very and primarily visual guys. And we absolutely favour photography that speaks for itself. Text might be important and is necessary to give a direction and can be a must, especially for conceptual work, but the beauty of a clear and strong photographic vision without the burden of excessive explanation cannot be overestimated.

Enjoy our first online Portfolio in 2021 — “Splinters” by Federico Arcangeli, which is for us an example of that beautiful and strong clarity and honesty about one’s work. Indeed, in the end, everything one photographs is
a self-portrait regardless the genre.

About the project
I have always used photography to tell something, that it was a place, a face, a moment, a sensation. Shot after shot I understood that in reality I was telling about myself. (What I love, what I hate, my feelings). I decided not to limit myself, to let myself be guided by photography.
There is no place, no city, no claim to tell an event or to give answers to hold on to. There is the desire to communicate to others, using only photography as language.

About the photographer
Federico Arcangeli (Rimini, 1983) analog photographer. Mostly black and white. “It all starts with my father’s old Pentax Me Super. Since then I simply can’t help but shoot. I love developing films in my darkroom. Seeing the image emerge from the chemicals and touch it with hands. That’s all.”


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