Polycopies special offer

This very day we would be in Paris aboard Concorde Atlantique celebrating the beginning of Polycopies photobook fair. People would come to buy books or just chat, we would get to know new folks, grab burgers on the upper deck, enjoy nice music, buzz and chill. We wanna say it is damn unfair to be locked now in our homes with fresh books, that need YOU to touch them, flip and love. So, we wanna do as if it happening here and now.

We will have online book release of our new book by Christopher de Béthune this Saturday. Join in both on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. We will announce the time a bit later.

And we offer 20% discount on five dienacht books during five Polycopies days, 11-15 November. Check Polycopies website for other offers.

Arnis Balcus: Myself, Friends, Lovers and Others
"It's kind of a portrait of the whole generation, probably the last one before social networks and over-conscious self-representation."
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Muhammad Fadli: Rebel Riders
As if emerging from Mad Max movies, Indonesian motorists wander around the country riding ­custom-built Vespas, which look too weird not only to outsiders.
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Ilja Niederkirchner: the only thing that matters
"If I’ve ever felt used by you photographing me... I had never even thought about that. And frankly, I got slightly offended by your question."
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Shilo Group: Chronicle
The book "Chronicle" features the photographs taken between 2010 and 2015 in the Ukraine. Arranged in chronological sequence the chapters of the book equally are a reaction to changes in our lives as well as their documentation. Front-line Kharkiv, revolutionary Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk regions, shown in "Chronicle", are the scenes of actions that will determine the future of Ukraine and, of course, the whole of Europe.
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Kamil Sobolewski: Rattenkönig
The central theme evolves around humans and other creatures and their life struggles.
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dienacht at Tokyo Art Book Fair and beyond. Kawaii!