dienacht in JAPAN

It’s been a while since Tokyo Art Book Fair in mid-July but we’ve
just got back from Japan and would like to share things.
Long story short, IT WAS A BLAST!

Any expectations one might have about Japan will be exceeded by a simple metro ride with its impeccable cleanness, precision and peculiar rules of dos and don'ts, or the first city walk with the sight of square cars, painted roads, and mind-blowing architecture. It is a food heaven full of anything you could never imagine being made out of rice, beans and matcha. Paper is God, and thus bookmaking is a very special and sophisticated enterprise in Japan.

In 2019 Tokyo Art Book Fair changed its venue for Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo and gathered over 350 exhibitors and 30,000 visitors. Throughout the four days of the Fair visitors started queuing half-an-hour before the Fair opened and never stopped coming. We got so inspired by the smart, quirky, outstanding, thoughtful etc etc Tokyoites delving into our books that could not resist snapping some pics from our dienacht booth view. You made those four days for us, guys, arigatou!

Here are views of dienacht booth at Tokyo Art Book Fair. We had inspiring Photography Reminders Stronghold reminders-project.org and Yumi Goto as our neighbours.

Apart from publishers' booths the Fair offered books and zines exhibitions, talks, discussions, and a FREE-TO-USE RISO PRINTER, which was right in front of us. One should not put a publisher next to a free Risograph. We could not resist, you know. So, Calin started to rush for papers and edit and sequence the photos he took in Tokyo over the past two weeks, and then printed and handbound a book in an edition of 5, right during the fair! So, a very special edition of "Another Space" was released at Tokyo Art Book Fair and is sold out by now. Never hesitate to make a book!

"Another space", 72 riso printed pages on yellowish paper, 13 x 21 cm, hand bound, white riso on sparkling black cover

It’s becoming a long read by now but it is hard stop talking about Japan. So, the last but not the least point for now are bookstores in Japan where you can find dienacht books:

So Books (Tokyo) sobooks.jp A charming place in Shibuya, Tokyo, with the finest selection of fresh and used photo books and art books and a great owner Ikuo riding a motorbike. It is a Tokyo bookstore must.
* here you can find the very last copies of the sold-out "FUCK ME" by Josh Kern

Blackbird books (Osaka) blackbirdbooks.jp Hidden in the South of Osaka, blackbirds books is a bookstore with an array of photo and art books, zines, and flower works, and they are publishers as well. Definitely worth a detour from Osaka city center.

Book of Days (Osaka) bookofdays-shop.com. They sell both Japanese and foreign books on Photography, Art, Design and Fashion, as well as independent publications from all over the world and international mix of magazines.

Photo by So Books
Photo by So Books
Photo by Blackbird books
Photo by Blackbird books
Photo by Book of Day
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