Meet dienacht at Tokyo Art Book Fair Online Venue

We are very excited to be back to Tokyo Art Book Fair this year at least on its Online Venue. Discover 240 international exhibitors in an amazing game-like graphics. All exhibitors are split by 6 various vegetable. Why vegetables? No clue! :) We belong to the Radish garden. And so that you can see us better, there is a cow on our plot. It’s all for real — come and see yourself.
Dates: Friday, October 22 — Sunday, October 31.

Online Venue works in a way that allows visitors to engage in direct communication with various exhibitors (through chats), purchase art publications online and also take part in online talks.


🥕 25 October MONDAY 10 a.m. CET (17:00-17:40 JST)
Online Talk about the book Come Closer with the photographer Dinaya Waeyaert, publisher Calin Kruse & editor Yana Kruse.
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We will show the book in detail and share behind-the-scenes of its making. We will discuss how to get the book published, especially by the young photographer, and how to raise money for printing, if you are an independent publisher. And of course answer your questions.
Participants: Dinaya Waeyaert, Calin Kruse, Yana Kruse.

🌶 27 October WEDNESDAY 10 a.m. CET (17:00-17:40 JST)
Online BOOK RELEASE of Dios Mio! with the photographer Brian Sergio and publisher Calin Kruse.
Instagram Livestream:

We will release the newly published book “Dios Mio!” by the Filipino photographer Brian Sergio somewhere in the middle between Germany and the Phillipines - in Japan. We will show this very intimate work and discuss how it became a project. And of course answer your questions.
Participants: Brian Sergio & Calin Kruse.

🍅 28 October THURSDAY 11 a.m. CET (18:00-18:40 JST)
Online Talk about the artist’s book eyrie with the photographer and publisher Calin Kruse.
Instagram Livestream:

We will show this completely hand-made book in detail and share the details of its making. And of course, answer your questions. We will discuss if there is market for this high-end limited edition books and how to promote them.
Participants: Calin Kruse & Yana Kruse

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More on the artists

PAK! Pak! is an onomatopoeia which imitates the sound of impact.

..."There are personal stuff, pictures of christian devotees practicing their penitence, pictures of porn shoots, and my mislabelled Kinbaku sessions."

The book feels like an intimate conversation between the two lovers, where one obsessively photographs and the other writes notes.

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