dienacht Magazine #20

This is the last regular issue of dienacht. Twenty issues, six special editions and ten years have past since the first issue was published.

The first issues were lying on a palett in my shared flat, and I had no idea how to distribute them. I have created the magazine as an one-man-project, and nothing has changed since then. Still, there have been some developments: dienacht Publishing came up, as well as exhibitions, lectures, workshops on photobook design.

A magazine has to move on, too, and dienacht will exist further on. From now on it will be issued yearly, and it will transform, excepting the format, from issue to issue. It could have a topic, could be a box with prints, a slipcase with various booklets, or something completely different.

Featured in this issue: Photography by Lily Zoumpouli (Cover Story), S. Billie Mandle with a work about confessionals, the Mexican photographer Diego Moreno showing his monsters, Birthe Piontek with a research of notions of the self, mortality, sexuality, intimacy, roles and relationships and their ever-evolving structure, a portfolio by Kir Esadov from Russia, Martina Hoogland Ivanow's depiction of ice speedways, Illustration by Heidi Schwarzkopf, short photographic stories and books reviews.

1000 copies, numbered
128 pages, 15 x 18 cm
offset print, in English and German
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More on the artists

Nine small experiments.

The book shows a selection of international photobooks from the last decades, with a focus on the photobook as an art object and a storytelling medium.

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