dienacht Special Issue: Ostkreuzschule

This special edition of dienacht presents new work from the photographers of the second Postgraduate class of the Ostkreuzschule for Photography, under the direction of Prof. Ute Mahler of the Ostkreuzschule (Berlin, DE) and Robert Lyons of the Hartford Art School (Hartford, USA)

The group consists of already-established and internationally recognized artists who joined the class to have a space where risk-taking was the main prerequisite. Building on their existing experiences, the artists spent two years developing new bodies of work and pushing their boundaries. Thematically, the works are varied and touch upon concepts including longing, homesickness, sex and the banality of everyday life to imaginary landscapes and the intangible.

The photographers hail from Argentina, Canada, France, Israel, Switzerland, the USA, and Germany and their varied backgrounds and experiences are reflected in their diverse styles and approaches to photography – shifting from humorous to poetic, mystical to surreal, straight-forward to explorative. Yet through months of working together, no photograph came to be in a vacuum. Intertwined and inspired by consistent collaboration, the works are as much an individual accomplishment as an homage to the accumulated creativity of the group.

500 copies
144 pages, 15 x 18 cm
offset print, in English and German
10,00 Euro
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