Two festivals, two videos

That was the 2014 photobook show at the OBSCURA Festival of Photography in Georgetown, Malaysia. Great video (also featuring: Calin Kruse / dienacht Publishing), and yes, it was a big party. Take a look at this year's schedule, and join the festival!

OBSCURA Festival of Photography 2014 - Photobook Show from OBSCURA festival on Vimeo.

And the PhotoBookFestival in Vienna (with Calin's short appearance).

Looking forward for the next time!

I'm glad to be one of the instructors (my workshop: "Photobook Design Fundamentals") at the OBSCURA Festival of Photography in George Town, [...]

A four day kick off meeting was happening in August 2016. During the next year the participants will work on a series matching the theme Youth / The Future.

The photobook dummies and a few slideshows.