Two festivals, two videos

That was the 2014 photobook show at the OBSCURA Festival of Photography in Georgetown, Malaysia. Great video (also featuring: Calin Kruse / dienacht Publishing), and yes, it was a big party. Take a look at this year's schedule, and join the festival!

OBSCURA Festival of Photography 2014 - Photobook Show from OBSCURA festival on Vimeo.

And the PhotoBookFestival in Vienna (with Calin's short appearance).

Looking forward for the next time!

The photobook dummies and a few slideshows.

A four day kick off meeting was happening in August 2016. During the next year the participants will work on a series matching the theme Youth / The Future.

I'm glad to be one of the instructors (my workshop: "Photobook Design Fundamentals") at the OBSCURA Festival of Photography in George Town, [...]