Chiara Dazi: Wandertage (Special Edition) available

Handmade by a traveling bookbinder during her Wanderschaft. The book is signed and numbered, with a 12x16 cm signed print, and is guarded in a handmade red silk wrap with mother-of-pearl buttons and a handmade oak-wooden box. Wanderschaft is a unique surviving medieval tradition in modern Germany. After finishing their apprenticeship, young craftsmen and craftswomen leave home, family, friends and all their belongings in order to travel and make work experiences in their crafts. Dressed always with the traditional corduroy suit and a black hat, carrying a weird stick and a tiny luggage, the Wandergesellen (journeymen carpenters, stonemasons, smiths and so on) choose to be free and homeless for, so the rule, at least three years and one day. With many handed down secret rituals and rules, nowadays craftswomen are allowed on the road too: I traveled extensively with many of them. “Wandertage” took the form of a Wanderbuch, the handmade diary Wandergesellen always carry with them, containing job references, city seals and all the history of their Walz.

Wandertage (Special Edition) by Chiara Dazi Photographs: Chiara Dazi Publisher: selfpublished 64 pages, 12 x 16 cm Year: 2013 Edition: 10 + 1AP Cover: brown leather hard cover.

Get the regular edition here: or contact Chiara per E-mail for the Special Edition.

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