Tom Hermes: Hermesbaby Photozine01

Hermesbaby Photozine01: THE APHONIC MOMENT

Since 1996, the e-Lake festival in Echternach has been the most democratic open-air festival in Luxembourg: by free entrance, it unites a motley crowd, international, over-excited at the idea of dancing, of flirting and having fun at the pinnacle of summer in this bucolic setting near the lake. Tom Hermes was there and shows here the prelude and aftermath of the festival, voiceless moments, like they were suspended in time, documenting the expectation of the great communion of the crowd and the traces it left. In black and white, the search for the moment and the angle are amplified, wrong-footing all the digital photos that are thrown in their hundreds on social networking sites. Certain pictures, like these shoeprints, recall his images from the series named Building Yard Impressions (2007), as if the efforts of the builder and the reveller had something in common. Doesn’t one say that every party has something of a climax? Post festum, sad animal.

15 offset prints on Lessebo Design 300g
Size: 127 x 178mm
Numbered and signed edition of 250

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