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Thousandfold Photobook Fair x LA NUU Festival

October 7—8, 2023
dienacht Association

Thousandfold Photobook Fair is a self-sustaining photobook fair that works with festivals and initiatives to create cultural programming around photobooks, support and connect publishers with their audiences, and bring together lovers of photography and photobooks.

The LA NUU Photo Festival was launched in October 2015 with the aim of making the city of Rubí an important focal point in the field of photography. Throughout October, various large-scale photo installations will be visible to all. Building facades and squares in the city will become museums in this way. The concept of the festival is to use the public space to awaken the emotional participation of the citizens of Rubí, visitors and citizens become voluntary and involuntary spectators.

The motto of the exhibition LA NUU 2023 takes up the ironic and provocative title of the book by philosopher Bruno Latour (1947-2022): "We have never been modern". An essay in symmetrical anthropology that shows that we have never fully entered modernity. Published in 1991 in the exuberance of postmodern thought, the work proposes to break the exclusive dichotomy of modern thought: Nature-Culture and its derivation Subject-Object.

The photographic works and the curatorship set up for the 2023 edition will help us reflect on the contradictions and doubts that underlie the pillars of our civilization and propose other ways of looking at the world anew.

In this environment, a small, curated selection of international publishers will present themselves for the first time at the Thousandfold Photobook Fair:
89books (IT), dienacht Publishing (DE), Ediciones Anómalas (ES), Ediciones Posibles (ES), The Angry Bat (SI), Witty Books (IT).

El Celler Square
Carrer del Pintor Coello, 17 – 25, Rubí / Barcelona, Spain

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