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Photobook Exhibition "Raving Madness / Coming Home", curated by Calin Kruse

August 30—September 3, 2017
Myanmar Deitta

The Photobook Exhibition "Raving Madness / Coming Home", curated by Calin Kruse, will be the first photobook exhibition ever in Myanmar, hosted by Myanmar Deitta and supported by The Goethe Institut Myanmar.

Curatorial text
While our own state of mind is a vibrating string of uniform motion, the political, social, economical and personal changes seem to pass us with lightning speed, going above and through us like an uncontrollable steamroller. The fast and surprising flashing of conflicts make the space around and between us become an unstable place: On the one side, never knowing what will happen next and being prepared for the worst, and on the other side - being forged by the emotions and learning to be guided by basic trust. With these two elements in a state of calm and chaos, there seems to be only one exit: raving madness, or coming home.
– Calin Kruse, dienacht Magazine + Publishing

Photographers and book titles featured in the show
Alexa Vachon, What we do in the light
Andreas Frei, Hab Acht
Anna Block, Water Break Rocks
Anna-Stina Treumund, Lilli, Reed, Frieda, Sabine, Eha, Malle, Alfred, Rein and Mari
Christoph Bangert, War Porn
Çağdaş Erdogan, Control
Emilie Hallard, L.
Goran Bertok, Requiem
Janine Bächle, months together — months apart
Pieter Wisse, I Believe in 88
Ruth Erdt, The Gang
Mathieu Asselin, Monsanto - A Photographic Investigation
Laetitia Donval, Nerves
Laura Hospes, UCP
Olaf Unverzart, Leichtes Gepäck
Miquel Llonch, In the fields of gold
Miron Zownir, The Valley of the Shadow
Richard Robert, Noir Interiors
Shilo Group, Euromaidan
Simone Hoang, Ký úc / Memento

Myanmar Deitta
3rd Floor, No. 49, 44th Street, Yangon, Myanmar

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