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dienacht @ Photobook Week Aarhus - One Book per Publisher

October 17, 2021

The Open Book Market will feature international publishers, and the results of an open call for self-publishers. We envision Photobook Week Aarhus 2021 to be an open and inclusive event, that underlines the importance of the Library as a space of contemplation, concentration and creativity. As a place where the printed page is in movement and transition, where the book can shift and flicker between a source of knowledge on the one hand, and a material support for artistic practice on the other.

dienacht will participate with one book at the "One Book per Publisher" section. There will also a show featuring the shortlist of 25 self-published books, and we're happy to say that one of the books, Interlude by Britta Baumann, was mentored by Calin Kruse from dienacht!

Aarhus, Denmark

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