Workshop aftermath: Copenhagen (Feb, 28 - March, 4)

We think it’s unfair that, once finished, the workshop’s amazing process of photobook making where so many great book projects are born (and unfortunately, not all happen to reach a wide audience or to be published at all) fall into oblivion. So, let’s shed some light on the process and its result, dummies. Will that probably help some of the dummies go real? We do hope so.

Calin Kruse's (dienacht publishing founder) first workshop this year took place in Copenhagen at a stunning NW Gallery, curated by Nina Worren. Most participants' projects were deeply related to personal stories and family, which made the atmosphere of this workshop very intimate. Below read the details about each project and see the final dummies.

“Petrichor” (smell of rain) is a loving portrait of mother whose hobby is hunting. Thick rubber cover recalling elephant's skin gives a somewhat rough feeling but behind the thick cover skin of a hunter you find a sequence of quiet serene landscapes of Africa, original old family portraits printed with gloss coating (as if it is an old family album), alternating with documentary pictures of hunting, portraits, African flora still lifes and daughter's animal drawings (giving the story a warm family touch). The sequence is based on the contrast between the seeming harshness of hunting and daughter's loving perception of her mother and her choice to hunt. Multiple hyena images from surveillance camera are printed on a transparent paper sheet not bound to the book. Another unbound element is mother's hunting diary which is hand stitched to resemble a private notebook.

Two subtle books “Frida” and “I have been her kind” are as light as feathers. They are chapters of a personal story, of which there are planned 4. All the 4 books are meant to be stored in special a case/box. First dusty rose chapter is right from the NYC and tells about meeting a sweetheart. It is a fragile story in many respects and the effect is reinforced by the use of fragile soft paper on top of several hiding images. The paper has also a particlular factual significance for the story. Another book is about daughter. And it is as quiet and light as the angelic girl herself, whose strong name "Frida" is yet debossed on the solid linen hard cover.

"Substitute” is a book about what love is not. Love should not be mistaken for care, for lust, for sympathy… Love is something else. It is a search. The cover was meant to be a rough and flexible piece of metal. Strong contrast or support of the topic. Swiss binding, which is both open - when one opens the book - and closed - as it has a strong hard cover.

“Can the sun never glimmer here” is a walk on a wild side through woods and mansions. It is mysterious, unsettling and somewhat decadent. The light shines through the thick transparent paper with a glimmering pearl effect, supporting the general mood. Fold-out signature with a specific set story is printed on opaque paper and is in the middle of the book, giving a break from the main story. Pamphlet hand binding.

Our big wish after every workshop is dummies to go real.

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