Marco Castelli: A Micro Odyssey

In the early days of New 2019 Year the series “A Micro Odyssey” by Marco Castelli reminded us of the early days of photography that 180 year ago started as a largely scientific discipling owing to its intricate chemical method of production. Since its invention photography has been extensively used for scientific purposes unveiling the unknown, hidden, shadowed. Metaphorically speaking, this is exactly what dienacht Publishing (die Nacht means “night” in German) likes about photography. Cheers to 2019, 180th anniversary of photography.

Photo by M.C: Bank Terminal
Photo by M.C: Bar Couch
Photo by M.C: Billiard Table
Photo by M.C: Bus Handrail
Photo by M.C.: Cat
Photo by M.C: Church Step
Photo by M.C.: Dog
Photo by M.C: Fastfood Tray
Photo by M.C.: Grass
Photo by M.C: Laptop
Photo by M.C.: Mobile
Photo by M.C.: Keys
Photo by M.C: Undershoe
Photo by M.C.: Money
Photo by M.С: River
Photo by M.C: Old Book
Photo by M.C: Petrol Pump
Photo by M.C: Pizza
Photo by M.C: Playing Cards
Photo by M.C: Ringbell
Photo by M.C: Stanger Hand
Photo by M.C: Tire
Photo by M.C: Square Statue
Photo by M.C: Pub Glass
Photo by M.C: Toilet Seat
Photo by M.C: Toothbrush

A Micro Odyssey project statement by Caterina Pacenti: "Most of the photographs of microbes and bacteria have a scientific nature, adapted to detect and to emphasize the unique geometries that these are able to form. This time, however, the interest is not to show the invisible or what is hardly visible to the naked eye, but to use the natural geometry of bacterial colonies to enlarge and project them into another dimension, reversing all logic and report between big and small, thus loading the planets, the universe and all the work of symbolic values. This gives them charm and mystery, makes them sublime images and ironic too (planets names directly refer to the sampled surfaces), which in their relationship with science recall the themes, the spirit and the philosophy of a lot of artistic production from the last century."

Marco Castelli lives and works in Firenze, Italy. Both his personal and documentary research move through a deep interest in human environment and life, constantly looking for different approaches to visual art and creative communication. His works have been awarded, published and displayed internationally.

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