Margaret Lansink & Réne van Hulst: u n b o u n d

We feel overwhelmed to present the upcoming book with photography by Margaret Lansink and poetry by Réne van Hulst. Or, as we have come to call it, a gem. The book seeks to embody Margaret’s highly poetic and emotional aesthetics in photography and turn it into a photobook, or rather an artist’s book. The book is a sensual experience – its elongated form, softness, weight, papers’ various structures, folds are telling the story.

Humanity has become unbound from the very elements that made our being possible. We lost it in our journey to ever more, ever faster, ever bigger. Reconnecting requires to become unbound from the frames of our doing as they hinder us from life lived in oneness with Nature.

Therefore Polaroids as framed images have become unbound from their recognisable white to illustrate the need for new frames of thinking. Words have been arranged to reflect on our bond with Nature and design re-iterates the various roads we need to travel to recreate our bond.

May our travels to bound with Nature be safe and swift.


All books are unique and are continuously in the making as they are completely hand made, and meticulously put together by dienacht team.

Margaret Lansink
Margaret Lansink is a fine art photographer who received a BA from the PhotoAcademy in Amsterdam, studied for a year at LeMasterklass Paris and subsequently at Smedsby Atelier in Paris. Lansink’s work is created around a strong signature of aesthetic, poetic and slightly minimalistic images yet all able to convey a powerful emotional message.
This is substantiated by her usage of intuitive photography, creating imagery that presents an open and honest reflection of her emotions, doubts, reflections or struggles in life. Lansink series are often founded on human’s processes of accepting life as it is. Each with its own angle of approach, but based on the beauty of imperfection and impermanence; the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi.
To capture the atmospheric variety of human inner emotions, Lansink uses various analogue techniques and experiments with making collages, using paint, gold leaf, charcoal as well as old darkroom technology like liquid light or platinum palladium printing.

Réne van Hulst
Next to a worldwide career in branding & advertising, René has found his creative language through poetry on topics or issues that matter most to him. Like the need for change in the way we humans currently live, the revaluation of our respect for Nature as well as finding new ways for human reconnection. Therefore, the body of his work often reflects very personal musings on the potential of our human existence. Having published two books with poetry in Dutch, unbound is now his second book with English poetry and also the second book in cooperation with Margaret Lansink.

Collector's Edition:
Includes the book and a silver gelatin print with a poem. Photographs are printed on Ilford semi-matt Baryta paper in the darkroom by Margaret Lansink in an edition of 30. Poems are hand written by Réne van Hulst. Print size with an image and poem — 13 x 20 cm;
image size — 8,5 x 11 cm.

Book size: 15 x 38 cm, 64 pages in total
Inside are 3 books in various papers and sizes + a print handbound to the back cover
Handmade paper, natural white and grey papers, metallic paper
Digital offset, offset, gold and black riso printing
Silkscreened cover on handmade paper

The book is handcrafted by dienacht Publishing team
Edition of 350 copies, including the Collector’s Edition of 30 copies
Book: 65 € | Book + Special Edition Print: 195 € | + shipping
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