Calin Kruse: Techno

I've been to the Island of Penang, Malaysia, for a couples of years in a row, always around the same time.

It's humid and hot and sweaty and iridescent, and the bubble we're in is wobbly and the reality is shifted – in a foreign, but same space for some time of the year. It's the rhythm, same for everyone.

Handbound book with shifted pages and visible threads
Iridescent foil stamping on black cardboard cover
Size: 14,5 x 21 cm, 64 pages
Edition of 100 copies

24.00 Euro
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Gold Metallic Riso Prints in an edition of 10, signed and numbered on the back.

Artist Photobook, with a text by Olivier Pin-Fat. [...]

Over the last years, a selected number of books published by 'dienacht Publishing' included a Special Collector's Edition with hand-picked Prints.

"A vertiginous rush of adrenalin, thrill and constructed chaos." (Kathrine Oktober Matthews. GUP Magazine).

This book is a two years endless blink of happiness.

Some will mark the city, some will get drunk, some will find love.