Workshop Aftermath: Munich (August 31 - September 2)

It’s somewhat unfair that, once finished, the workshop’s amazing process of photobook making where so many great book projects are born (and not all happen to reach its audience or to be published at all) falls into oblivion. So, let’s shed some light on the process and its result, dummies. Will that probably help some of the dummies go real? We do hope so.

Calin Kruse/ dienacht Publishing second Photobook workshop in Munich took place in late August and gathered photographers dealing with a variety of different issues from family secrets and medical case story to typology of motorbikes, the notion of space and peculiar light tricks.

“Mirage" by Chih-Chieh is as fragile as the story itself. It is a contemplation about the self, its fragility and its perception based on the true medical case story. An accident caused the photographer to stay in hospital for around 4 months and this is when 3 rolls of film were used to photograph the self and the surroundings clearly radiating the state of self as well. Dummy design aims to highlight the notion of fragility and the notion of time, which the recovery took. Hence, the use of transparent paper for pictures and multiple blank transparent paper sheets for time breaks between the pictures. There is time to "recover" from certain pictures and time to “prepare” for other ones. Binding: swiss binding with soft white cover cardboard and extra gauze cloth on top, adding another layer of transparency and resembling bandage cloth.

“Under_cover” by Susanne is a hardcover A4 dummy that deals with the typology of motorbikes’ covers. Meticulously shot over a period of several years, the series features wrapped motorbikes photographed in different environment and seasons but from exactly the same point of view. Hundreds of images are grouped into nine, four and solo images to create zoom-in/out effect, and - primarily - according to their colour. A number of blank colour pages are used to pause this massive narration and to support the development of the colour pattern in pictures. The book’s clearly ironic character is highlighted by the last unexpected wrapped “trolley” picture and the fact that it also has a wrapping of its own - waterproof black fabric jacket like those from motorbikes. Screw post binding refers to the rough metallic nature of bikes.

"Bernhard Valerian” by Anneliese is a truly subtle story arising from family tragedy and subsequent secrecy about it. A boy gets drowned in the Rhein at a very early age under unclear circumstances and since then few evidence of his existence is left in the family album. This book is the sister’s dedication to unknown brother. Few archival pictures of Bernhard Valerian alternate with modern images of Rhein, details of accident scene and short notes relating to the story. Archival pictures are covered by glassine paper with spider web embossing typical of old family albums. Original wallpaper pattern dating back to those days is used for endsheets. The binding is a combination of Japanese binding and Swiss binding with light olive cloth hardcover. This cross creates an impression of classical family album with a warm and fine handmade touch to it.

In the project “Topos” Michael considers the notion of space, topos, in an abstract way with actually no connection to specific places or circumstances. "What is this? Where is this taken?” - are recurring questions but they don’t really make sence as far as this type of photography is concerned. The images are devoid of human presence with a number of people present being actually pictures themselves. The task was to edit carefully and to sequence precisely in order to create a balanced and coherent flow. No fanciness, simple design and layout and just perfect flow of strong images is what makes this book/zine work. It is an ingoing project, which is supposed to be complemented by likewise designed Topos #2, Topos #3 etc.

In the project "Fake Moons” Birgit captures light in unusual circumstances that create special effects. All these colourful light sources in one way or another resemble moon. “It is clouded, overgrown with plants, an almost tangible earthly object. Yet, it remains a fantasy, an illusion - new luring moons, virtual at second sight”, Birgit says. The intention was to present images in a way that they stand out in full power against the dark grey background and full spread layout. Soft double cover of blue and silver colour papers support the colour pattern of some pictures and moon as it is. The blue cover is supposed to be cut through in the shape of moon to expose the silver paper. Pamphlet binding is made using silvery thread.

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