Open Call: Festival

SCREEN La Nuu 2021

October 30, 2021
La Nuu 2021 International Rubí Photofestival

SCREEN 2021International call for photography works in audivisual formatLa Nuu festival 2021 launches an international Open Call for photo works in audiovisual format.

A number of preselected works will be shown during the SCREEN night of 30th of October.

The international jury conformed by professionals related to the medium of photography will then appoint a single winner that will receive a 1000€ Prize (taxes excluded)

Irene de Mendoza, Natasha Christia, Emillie Hallard.

1_Who can participate?— Photographers from any corner of the world, professionals or not — Must be 18+ years old to enter

2_How to participate?— There are no fees of participation. It’s free for all — There’s no specific topic or requirements regarding the methods used — We accept only one single proposal per participant— We will give priority to unpublished projects.

3_Technical guidelines *Note that not meeting the following guidelines can prevent your work from being considered— Credits, text and other mentions must appear in English or with an English translation— In case the photo project shown has an introduction text, make sure it doesn’t exceed a 70 words limit. Remember it must appear in English or with its translation— The video should be sent as a QuickTime file (.mov)— As a guideline, the average tempo of this kind of production is around 10 images per minute— The lenght of the video should be of around 3 minutes.— Export your video at a fairly good quality for a big projected screen (1024x768Pixels at least) All entries must be sent via Wetransfer LINK to;

Please add the following information in the same email: — Name of the author or collective — Title of the project— Short project statement — Duration of the slideshow, to the second— Software used to create the slideshow — Musical credits 

4_Technical advice— Please avoid sending us PowerPoints, Flash or video DVDs — The most common editing tools are iMovie, Keynote, Premiere and FinalCut. We kindly encourage you to stick to one of those — After import and export, check that the proportions of your photos are accurate, that there are no deformed images, 6X6 are still square, etc— For exporting the video always use the best available compression system — It is better to avoid too-rapid movements (tracking shots, zooms, etc.) which can result in weird transitions during the screening— Ensure that sound levels are calibrated and uniform during the whole program. Export the sound without compression (16 bits, 44.1 or 48 KHz)

Celler Cooperatiu de Rubí, Barcelona
Rubí, Spain

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