PRE-ORDER: The Three Corners of the Ocean — Claudia López Ortega

Since our first meeting in Mexico, it took quite a while for this project to turn from a dummy into a proper book but we never stopped believing in it and kept it in our dark closet as a hidden gem. And now we are more than happy to finally say: the first photobook by the Mexican photographer Claudia López Ortega The Three Corners of the Ocean is ready for pre-order! We'll tell the story of its creation in an upcoming interview.

"This project is about love and the touch of madness in my experience of motherhood.

In my family, there are things that are impossible to talk about – although you have been able to sense them since you were a child. There are secrets and looks. There are questions about our female lineage that are never addressed. The silence speaks louder than words.

Victoria, my daughter, dared to take a risk and accompanied me into this travesty to express, in her own way, all the feelings rooted deep inside generations of our family.

She let me know how sad, lonely and distant she felt from me, just as I felt as a child with my mother and as she felt in turn with my grandmother.
These are the three corners of the ocean."

El Paraíso (Eng: Paradise), where the series takes place, is a Mexican Pacific beach, which due to its geographical location each year is wrecked by tropical storms and hurricanes. A small community living there resists and replenishes the limited resources they have, living with the hope that someday their situation will change and El Paraíso will become a great tourist destination.

The book is split in two parts. The first part, bound to the front cover & wrapped in a sunny yellow foil, is a trouble-less view of the family, its front and bright side, as it were, yet with a melancholic touch. The second part, bound to the back cover & featuring many more images, including some of those in the first part, is a much more comprehensive view deep down. Something that is hardly ever seen to the outsider’s eye. Black lists of wounds, drawings, archival pictures, ironic cut outs from retro magazines – all give a broader context to the relationship of the three women in one family and help re-contextualize familiar scenes in a different way.

About Claudia López Ortega
As a photographer she has a special interest in exploring the themes of identity, motherhood, gender as well as the effects of affection. She is combining fiction and reality trying to capture moments in suspended space.
Born in Torreón Coahuila, Mexico in 1979; lives and works in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico.
She won a scholarship by FPM and World Press Photo to be part of the first group of "Foto Narrativa" (storytelling) where she developed the work El ultimo aliento. She was selected to participate in Transatlántica 2012, PhotoEspaña, with the work  Adyacentes Significativas.
She took part in Art Biennial of Puebla de los Angeles 2013 with the work Telos and at the EFOCO festival and Internado Creativo Chiapas by Gimnasio de Arte; She exhibited at FG FEST Guadalajara 2010 and 2012 and at Expo Ser Mujer 2012 and 2014. 
In 2014, Claudia was selected to participate in Contemporary Photography Seminar at Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City with a scholarship by Centro de las Artes San Agustín. 
2015 she was granted the scholarship Jovenes Creadores (Young Talents) by the National System of Creators in Mexico Fonca/Conaculta and was selected to be part of FG Fest. 
Between 2010 – 2017 her work was exhibited in Mexico, Spain, Canada, China, and India. Her work is part of the Museum of Mexican Women Artists (MUMA).
Between 2014 – 2018 she was working on the project The Three Corners of the Ocean.
Since 2018 there has been a work break due to health issues and now she is back to present her first book The Three Corners of the Ocean.

**Book details**
Linen flex cover with photo application and foil blocking
Two books printed on feltmarked (structured) paper,
18 x 24 cm, 108 pages in total + 2 inlays and notes
Including different colour papers and a coloured transparent vinyl sleeve
Edition of 500 copies
You can pre-order the book at a reduced price until 14 November.
All pre-orders will be shipped until the end of November 2021.


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