Giannis Gogos: In the Twinkling of an Eye

"It is a mistake to talk about the artist 'looking for' his subject. In fact the subject grows within him like a fruit, and begins to demand expression. It is like childbirth... The poet has nothing to be proud of: he is not master of the situation, but a servant. Creative work is his only possible form of existence, and his every work is like a deed he has no power to annul. For him to be aware that a sequence of such deeds is due and right, that it lies in the very nature of things, he has to have faith in the idea, for only faith interlocks the system of images. And what are moments of illumination if not momentarily felt truth?" From Andrei Tarkovsky: Sculpting in Time.

About the project
And what are moments of illumination if not momentarily felt truth? - Andrei Tarkovsky. This series is an attempt to visualise memories and dreams, nostalgia and visions. Blending those elements together might be a way to connect with our inner truth. The medium of photography has the ability to reveal this connection to us in a twinkling of an eye.

About the photographer
Giannis Gogos is an avid photographer based in Northeastern Greece. He usually calls himself a “dedicated amateur” artist. This attribute is giving him the luxury to set aside photography’s commercial use. It allows him to take risks, have no fear of failure and reconsider his relation to photography and art.
​ He started photography in 2008. For several years the wild and mystical beauty of the Rhodope mountain range influences him on his landscape and nature subjects. His daughter’s birth in 2014 awakes a conscious effort to connect with his inner world through the medium of photography. From then on the variety of his subjects expands. He is seeking inspiration from various photographers, painters and musicians. Besides that he is trying to leave his senses open to his daily impressions.


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