Simon Johansson: A Familiar Place

“A Familiar Place” is as an emotional landscape or rather cityscape of Stockholm by Stockholm based photographer Simon Johansson. It is both exciting and daunting to walk through the city guided by Simon. Why is the baby crawling in the middle of the street? It is far from its postcard view, especially devoid of any colour, and filled with the density of black and white. Stockholm turns controversial, vain, rebellious but you are still attached to it. It feels like a relationship with someone familiar, someone you understand and sense very deeply.

Simon Johansson about "A Familiar Place":
The photoseries “A Familiar Place” is about everyday life in Stockholm. The photos are documentary and they are taken between 2005 – 2018. The series is published as a photobook (Journal, 2018). In the series I make a subjective interpretation of my city. I examine, based on the fact that the private is universal, how a place affects a person and how a person affects a place.

“Stockholm. You are my companion through thick and thin. You see me trying to find my way in your complex labyrinth of squares, streets and cul-de-sacs. But I also see you. I return the gaze. Because it is impossible to evade your beauty, vulnerability and vanity. And your flaws. Your rottenness. I visit places where you bleed, I am there picking your scabs. Sometimes I grow tired of you and your easily broken promises. But I never give up on you. Walking here today, I stumble on old memories. It was many years ago; it was only a moment ago.”

About Simon Johansson:
Simon Johansson is a freelance photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Member of The Swedish Union of Journalists (SJF). 2016 he released the photo book “Across the Bridge” (Journal) about everyday life on the Swedish island Öland. In november 2018 his second photo book, “A Familiar Place” (Journal), was released and this time it’s about everyday life in Stockholm. He's been working as a freelance photographer since 2000. He takes both editorial and commercial assignments. In his own projects he prefers to work in a classic documentary black and white tradition.

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